Postgraduate Year

Postgraduate (PG) Year at Archmere

Gap years are gaining popularity among high school seniors. Many students are looking to become more prepared for college academically or athletically. Others choose a gap year to improve an area of concentration, refine their capstone research, or continue a focused internship before starting college. 

No matter what your main focus is, the tight-knit community of an Archmere postgraduate education will help you learn and grow in a collaborative environment, tackle challenges with confidence, and explore new subjects you may have never considered. 

What is the Postgraduate Program at Archmere?

A postgraduate year is an academically minded gap year before college that offers students an opportunity to strengthen their application and potential success in college. The PG year is an indicator to college admissions teams from liberal arts colleges to Ivy League that students are serious about their growth.

Archmere postgraduates take full course loads, participate in activities, athletics, extracurriculars, and social events. 

Benefits of a Postgraduate Year

Research shows that more than 90% of students who have taken a gap year say that it increased their self-confidence and maturity, developed communication skills, and helped them grow as a person. 

There are many advantages to taking a gap year, especially a postgraduate year at an independent school like Archmere: 

  • More advanced academic courses. Experiencing a postgraduate year is an excellent opportunity to take courses that would not fit into your senior curriculum or fill your schedule with more advanced courses.
  • Improve academic record. Some students choose to retake classes or focus on courses that may help improve their SAT scores. Taking a year to improve a student's academic record can lead to more success in the college admission process. 
  • Prepare for college. Archmere's curriculum is structured similarly to a college curriculum but with more support from faculty. As a result, students will develop skills like time management, critical thinking, and other executive functioning skills that can set them up for success in college and beyond. 
  • Pursue a passion. Whether students are interested in fine arts, world language & cultures, focusing on research projects to achieve their capstone, or participating in an internship to better prepare themselves for college, a gap year would provide that opportunity.
Each gap year is unique to every student. However, if you're considering a postgraduate year, there will be even more benefits specific to your interests and lifestyle. The postgraduate year is most rewarding when you focus on your own personal growth and goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How will postgraduate students be integrated into the student population?

    Each postgraduate student will be fully integrated into the senior class and will walk with the class at graduation. They will also receive a coordinator/advisor, college counselor, and independent study advisor.
  • What is tuition?

    Full tuition and typical annual fees will be required for the postgraduate year. Tuition for the 2023-2024 academic year is $32,400. 
  • What will the course load be like?

    Postgraduate students are required to take a minimum of five courses each semester. A map will be provided with suggested academic schedule based on their completed coursework and interests. With the help of the Director of Academics, the schedule can be fine-tuned to appropriately challenge every student.

    AP Seminar may take the place of one course requirement, as well as internships or independent studies. Theology is not a required course, but all postgraduate students must participate in retreats and school liturgies.

Questions? Contact:

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If you're considering a gap year at Archmere Academy, contact our Admissions Team to learn more. Our admissions process includes a campus visit and interview for those new to the Archmere community. 

To schedule a visit to our campus, contact the Admissions team today at (302) 798-6632 extension 706 or request more information.
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