Preserving Our History

In an effort to preserve the historic buildings on campus, Friends of The Patio, Friends of The Manor, and the Archmere Organ Society were created. Each year, Friends of The Patio sponsor The Green Series, educational programming with proceeds benefitting the Patio restoration.  

Joining Our Historic Preservation Groups

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  • Friends of The Patio

    Over the years, the mansion at Archmere has come to be known as “The Patio,” because of the home’s large interior cortile covered by the stained glassed skylight. The Friends of The Patio are a group of people interested in the preservation and restoration of the estate, as well as learning about the history of the area during the early 20th century. Members are invited to regular educational and artistic programming held at Archmere throughout the year.
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  • Friends of The Manor

    The Friends of The Manor are dedicated to the preservation and restoration of the Manor, as well as supporting the ongoing visual and fine arts programming for Archmere Academy. 
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  • Archmere Organ Society

    Members of the Archmere Organ Society are dedicated to the restoration of the Dresden Organ in The Patio. 
The Helena Springer Green Raskob Series, known as "The Green Series," is a series of events sponsored by The Friends of The Patio each year to bring new audiences into this historical space and to raise funds for restoration projects in The Patio.

Each event is presented in style reminiscent of entertaining done by the series' namesake, Mrs. Helena Springer Green Raskob when she lived at Archmere (1910-1931). Often she would host afternoon parties that featured musical artists appearing on the stage in Wilmington. The Archmere Mothers’ Guild committees of the early 1930s continued these concert occasions to raise funds for the newly founded Academy. Eighty years later, we revived the tradition to honor the legacy of Mrs. Raskob and the Mothers’ Guild of Archmere and feature artistic talent and raise funds for the restoration and maintenance of The Patio. Once again, music leads us through generational connections and gives expression to the beauty, elegance, and ambiance of Archmere.

Green Series Sponsorship Opportunities

All contributions to the 2022-2023 Green Series are important to the restoration work in the Patio. All sponsors from the $100 and up level will receive recognition in printed materials and will have access to special receptions and programs.

Current Friends of The Patio Sponsors

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  • Norbertine Sponsors - $10,000

    Mr. Frank J. Behm ’74 and Mrs. Andrea M. Behm 
    Mr. William D. Church and Mr. John Washburn 
    Mr. and Mrs. K. Mark Dresden, Jr.
    Mr. and Mrs. John Ferguson
    Mr. Thomas Manerchia ’61
    Mrs. Ursula L. Praiss
    The Raskob Foundation
    Dr. Robert A. Rosenbaum and Ms. Jean R. Rosenbaum 
    Dr. James A. Stockman, III ’61 and Mrs. Lee Stockman 
  • Patio Sponsors - $5,000

    Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Kennedy
  • Raskob Sponsors - $2,500

  • Archmere Sponsors - $1,000

    Mrs. Katherine Ball-Weir and Dr. Carl Weir
    Dr. Robert A. Penna ’85 and Mrs. Melanie A. Penna
    Ms. Mary Ellen Schauber and Mr. Edward Stegemeier 
  • Green Sponsors - $500

    Mr. Thomas H. Anderson, III ’60 and Mrs. Carol J. Anderson 
    Mr. Brian P. Gilmore ’88
    Mr. Richard B. Seidel ’59 and Mrs. Ann Seidel
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Shields ’60 
  • Gold Sponsors - $250

    Mr. Joseph and Mrs. Kathryn B. Knox 
    Mr. Joseph P. Melloy, Sr. ’52
    Mr. Michael F. and Mrs. Elaine C. Reilly ’83 
    Mrs. and Mrs. Justin M. Ryan 
  • White Sponsors - $100

    Dr. and Mrs. Anthony Carbo
    Dr. Timothy J. Downey and Dr. Michelle T. Icasiano 
    Dr. and Mrs. Anthony B. Furey
    Mr. Matthew Kennedy ’97
    Mr. Ronald P. ’61 and Rita Lee
    Mr. Mark P. Morse ’63 and Dr. Winifred A. Morse 
    Lt. Col. Thomas L. Sack ’62 and Mrs. Patricia A. Sack 
    Mr. and Mrs. John F. Sarro
    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Uliase 

Upcoming Green Series Programs

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  • Photo of Katherine Ball-Weir

    Katherine Ball-Weir CFRE 

    Director of Institutional Advancement
    302-798-6632 Ext 857

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