皇冠博彩’s Office of 学校心理咨询 helps students develop a healthy understanding and respect for themselves and others. The 学校心理咨询 team seeks to increase students’ problem-solving, 决策, 情感管理, and academic skills through individual and group counseling sessions, 课堂演讲, 健康课程, 以及全校的集会.

Archmere’s school counselors provide an atmosphere of security, 温暖, and encouragement as Archmere students work to reach their fullest potential in the areas of academics, 社会, 以及个人性格发展. The solid foundation they create allows Archmere students to successfully manage their lives as healthy, 负责任的, 高效的公民, 谁尊重自己和他人.

The Office of 学校心理咨询 wants students to master the competencies necessary to make informed self-directed, 现实的, and 负责任的 decisions to successfully contribute to society.



  • 咨询心理学家

    Dr. Williams is a licensed clinical psychologist who conducts comprehensive psychodiagnostic and psychoeducational evaluations of children, 青少年和大学生, 评估各种学习差异(如.g. 多动症,阅读障碍)在私人执业.  Dr. Williams has collaborated with 皇冠博彩 for several years, 为我们的学生提供这些类型的评估.  As a school, we know the value of these evaluations and are happy to partner with Dr. Williams to cover a 25% of the cost of her evaluations of our students. 

    Dr. 威廉姆斯获得了B。.A. 她是威廉姆斯学院的硕士.A. 和Ph值.D. in Child/Family Clinical Psychology at the University of Miami. She completed her internship and postdoctoral fellowship at the AI DuPont Hospital for Children. Dr. Williams was previously a tenured professor in the Department of Psychology at the La Salle University in Philadelphia. There she taught courses related to child and adolescent development, psychopathology, and treatment. She also trained and supervised graduate students in the practice of child/family psychology. Dr. Williams has conducted research and authored multiple peer-reviewed papers on child development and mental health service utilization.  She has also presented her research at national and international conferences. Dr. Williams is also the consulting psychologist at the Independence School and works in private practice.
  • 新生迎新计划

    欢迎新生加入皇冠博彩社区, the 学校心理咨询 Office and 招生 designed a comprehensive orientation program. 每个新生都被分配了一个高年级的“伙伴”,他们一起参观校园, including walking through the freshman’s daily class schedule. Freshmen also participate in team-building and small group activities, 见见他们的指导老师, 并收到他们的课程表.
  • 卫生服务

    There is a full-time registered nurse on staff at 皇冠博彩 to provide health services for all students from 8:00 a.m. 到下午3点.m. 在学校上课的时候. Parents are expected to inform the nurse of any new or ongoing health problems. If you’re a current parent looking for policies and procedures for illnesses, 请参阅MyArchmere的学生手册. 
  • 个别咨询

    皇冠博彩注重学生的整体发展, which includes mental wellness as well as academic wellness. Each student has a designated school counselor who stays with them throughout their time at Archmere.  Students meet with their counselor during the first few months of the school year and are strongly encouraged to meet with their school counselor individually regarding any concerns regarding their academic career, 以及他们可能遇到的任何个人危机. All conversations are kept within professional and ethical confidence.
  • 学习服务

    All students can receive academic support through Archmere’s full-time learning specialist. Students with or without documented learning differences who need assistance with organization, 学习技巧, 辅导可以和学习专家见面. This position also serves as a resource for parents and faculty as well. Working closely with all members of the 学校心理咨询 Office, the learning specialist ensures the academic needs of all students are met.



  • 咨询更新/护士留言:2024年3月

    咨询更新 & 信息


    Our Aevidum Mental Health Club hosted Kindness Week from March 11th to March 14th to encourage, 促进, 并在我们的社区中嵌入额外的善意. It was our hope that the week’s programming would strengthen the already-existing protective factors for mental health conditions that exist within our community, 比如同情心和联系.
  • 91年的马克·罗斯和77年的赫尔曼·罗斯的午餐 & Learn


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    The Student Mentors had their third mentoring session at St. 玛丽·莫德林学校,星期三. These sessions comprise of six senior mentors that have been carefully chosen to work with 7th and 8th graders at SMM. 学生们在圣乔治的图书馆见面30分钟. 玛丽从良的妓女. The students are separated by gender and have the opportunity to talk openly with Archmere seniors about particular topics they are curious about. We cover things such as time management, 社会 issues, athletics, academics just to name a few. The middle schoolers enjoy hearing any kinds of advice our seniors have for them when it comes to making the most out of their high school experience.
  • 咨询更新/护士留言:2024年1月

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    Ask yourself, how have you been over the last couple of months? 你是否感到精力不足? 无法集中注意力? 总想打个盹? This time of year, some people are experiencing (SAD) Seasonal Affective Disorder. SAD is a type of depression that happens during certain seasons of the year, 最常在秋天和冬天. 根据约翰霍普金斯医学院的说法, less sunlight and shorter days are linked to a chemical change in the brain and can be a part of SAD, 哪一种通常被称为季节性抑郁症.


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    乔安娜 Doroh 

    学校辅导员; Health Teacher
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    学校辅导员; Psychology Teacher
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    学校辅导员 & 健康处处长
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    School Nurse; Health Teacher
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